Areas of Practice

DUI And Public Drunkenness

In most cases, the police make a traffic stop, assess your condition and ask that you take a field sobriety test. This may entail walking a straight line, reciting the alphabet backwards and other tests. If you do not pass these measures to law enforcement’s satisfaction, a breathalyzer test can be requested.


Criminal records can haunt good people for the rest of their lives. It’s unfortunate that after you have paid your debt to society for even a single mistake, you endure penalties that may limit good employment, renting an apartment and participating in community organizations.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a national epidemic. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a woman is assaulted every 9 seconds in the United States. Someone is abused by a domestic partner 20 times per minute and there are 10 million victims each year. While woman have suffered the most, 1 in 4 men have also been harmed by a domestic partner.